Tears of a Geek


As lovers of Comic Books, movies, animation and all things geeky- there tends to be a thought that were far removed from the societal norms of emotions others feel, but we know that’s not true. We feel the same way about the X-Men that others do about the Kardashians (I know which I prefer out of those mutants!) and at times the stories and characters we love make us cry- yes I’ve cried at comic books and here are the times that hurt me the most. Continue reading

Marvel Characters with Bobble Heads art


Bobble heads or big headed cute looking versions of weel know characters is hugely popular right now- just look at the success ‘Funko Pop!’ are having and artist Christopher Lee has created some very nice looking versions of some better known Marvel characters in the same format. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 9th April’14

comic picks header


Wednesday is here once again- and that means its time for new Comic Books! So with a whole host of new books hitting the shelves this week here’s my recommendations for what i think is going to worth the cover price and worth you picking it up and reading it. Continue reading

Comic Boom Picks 13th November ’13

Once again Wednesday is nearly upon us- and that means that there is a huge array of new books hitting the shelves that are all competing for your cash and more importantly all looking to get you on board as a long time reader, so with that in mind here are my picks for this week. Continue reading

Uncanny Avengers to shake up X-men


It appears that with ‘Battle of the Atom’ behind us and the return of Nightcrawler this week, Marvel still aren’t finished with everyone’s favourite mutants. Marvel promised bi change soon and it appears they have just told us when.

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Comic Book Picks 6 November ’13

It’s that time of the week where Wednesday (every nerds favourite day of the week) is soon to roll around again, and that means that a whole new bunch of Comic Books are going to hit the shelves. This week is a busy week for sure, that sees a whole host of new series joining the regular monthly books. But what should you be looking to read- well here are my picks…….. Continue reading

X-men’s Biggest Changes

With the current X-men event over, Battle of the Atom finished this week, it’s time to look back over the last 50years of mutant history and the multitude of changes that have taken their toll on the Marvel universes first family, and which have had the longest and most prominent changes.

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