Comic Book Picks 29April ’15


Wednesday is nearly here and that means that it’s the release of new comics- and this weekend see Free comic book day too, so this is a very good week for comic readers the world over. But lets take a look at the best books to buy tomorrow. Continue reading

Weekly Reccomendation: Avengers: Age of Ultron


I got to see this movie last night, and couldn’t recommend it more as it does everything you want a comic book  movie to do; it provides action, compelling characters, a great villain and set the future of the universe up very well. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 14th May’14

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Wednesday is nearly upon us again, and this means that its almost time for a whole new bunch of comic books to reach the shelves and by such make it into the eager arms of thousands of fans. So lets get a look at whats making it out there this week, and what in my opinion you should be reading this week. So lets ge this sorted….. Continue reading


NYCC 2013: Marvel teasers revealed

At the Marvel panel yesterday a lot of the one word teasers that had people guessing on new Marvel Now phase two title launches were revealed- so here they are.
The first was “Sinners”, with the creative team of Charles Soule and Carlos Barberi. This turns out to be one Soule’s current titltes, Thunderbolts, but with a new team member; Ghost Rider. “He fits the tone of the book,” said Soule. The character joins in issue #20, with a story called “No Mercy” that will presumably have repercussions for the Thunderbolts character Mercy. “Maybe there’s more than one meaning to it,” Soule noted.

The ‘Wrath’ teaser was then revealed as the next arc of Savage Wolverine, the book that seems to allow writer-artists to work on tales out of continuity with the beloved character. Richard Isanove will follow Phil Jimenez on the title with issue #14 in January, and a story set in the Dustbowl in the 1930s Prohibition era.

New outfits for the remaining All New X-men team

New outfits for the remaining All New X-men team

The ‘Trial’ and ‘Judgment’ teasers were confirmed as referring to a “Trial of Jean Grey” story that will cross over between two of Brian Michael Bendis’s books next year – issues #22-24 of All-New X-Men, with art by Stuart Immonen, and issues #11-13 of Guardians of the Galaxy, with art by Sara Pichelli.

“When the rest of the universe learns that there’s a Jean Grey on Earth again, that’s not good news to a lot of broccoli people or friends of broccoli people,” said Lowe, referring to the scenes in the original ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’ when the Phoenix destroyed a planet of broccoli people. The story will see Jean taken to Chandilar by the Shi’ar to stand trial, and the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting to get her back. And yes, Lowe confirmed, this means that “the All-New X-Men will be sticking around after ‘Battle of the Atom.’”

The final teaser revealed at the panel was ‘Corporate’, with the creative team of Peter David and Carmine Di Gandomenico. As many had suspected, this was a new X-Factor title – indeed, an All-New X-Factor title – involving a corporate owned mutant super team that includes Quicksilver, Polaris and Gambit, and three other team mates he wasn’t yet able to reveal. David said he’s especially excited to write Gambit, having never written the character before.

This teaser is perhaps the most baffling; Mindbubble. This turns out to be the next Captain America arc from writer Rick Remender, with Pascal Alixe on art for issue #16 and Nick Klein on issue #17. The story introduces a new threat, Dr. Mindbubble, an assassin from the “Weapon Minus” program, created to “erase” Super Soldiers. “He will kill you with kindness,” said Brevoort of the new villain.

Then came the Extinction teaser, This turns out to be the next chapter of Sam Humphries’ Avengers A.I., starting at issue #8 with art by Andre Araujo. “Humanity is at an end,” said Lauren Sankovitch. “Lay back, relax, the robots will take over for you.”

“Frenemies” teases a new #1 for Secret Avengers, from the creative team of Ales Kot and Michael Walsh. Kot described it as “Michael Bay meets Arrested Development.” The new team features Spider-Woman, Nick Fury Jr, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Phil Coulson, plus an unusual sixth member who wasn’t identified, though the cover to #1 features a strange MODOK motif that had people in the audience speculating.

Avengers World teaser image

Avengers World teaser image

“Global“ is perhaps the biggest new title announced at the panel, that’s if you take the name literally. Avengers World is a new ongoing series coming out of Infinity, written by Nick Spencer based on stories by Spencer and Jonathan Hickman, and with art by Stefano Casseli. The series explores “the changing landscape of the Marvel Earth”, said Spencer, and it features the same cast as the main Avengers title. “We definitely want to spend some time with some of the newer members of the cast,” said Spencer.

Descent was the next teaser to be clarified and turns out to be the new Avengers from Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker – and a replacement or sequel of sorts to the controversial Avengers Arena. The new book, Avengers Undercover, sees some of the survivors of Arcade’s Murderworld go undercover in the Masters of Evil to try to bring it down from the inside. Hopeless notes that, after what these characters have been through, “they find they might fit in better with the villains.”

The teaser “Trust,” in familiar green and gold, turns out to be a new ongoing series from Al Ewing and Lee Garbett titled Loki: Agent of Asgard.

Finally Atonement is a new Black Widow series from Nate Edmondson and Phil Noto, with the tagline “Agent. Avenger. Assassin.”