Comic Book Picks 17th May’17


Tomorrow see’s the release of a whole new bunch of comic books- but as with every week there are is a host of top level titles. So what should you be buying? Well as always here are my top picks for this week…. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 15th March’17


Wednesday is nearly here, and that means were very close to a bunch of new titles hitting the shelves ad this week we see a host of top tier titles from all publishers. This makes it difficult to know where your money should go, so here are my top picks of the week to help you out. Continue reading

American Gods (Neil Gaiman) picked up for Series by Starz


American Gods is easily my favourite of all of Gaimans novels, and one of his best which is no small praise, so when it was announced several years ago that it would get a TV adaptation I couldn’t have been happier. However it got shelved at HBO but this week has found a new home with Starz. Continue reading