Vulture For Spider-Man Homecoming?


Michael Keaton was in talks to appear in Spider-Man Homecoming before they apparently broke down over wages, however it appears this has been sorted and he will now be appearing and playing the Vulture. Continue reading

Superhero Costumes: ‘Batsuit’ Which is the Best?


batsuitsYesterday Zack Snyder unveiled the new Batsuit for ‘Batman Vs Superman’ to the world, that will be worm by Ben Affleck in the new movie, and i think its safe to say that it has been met with a real mix of feelings and emotions. But is this the first unveiling of a Batsuit that has this kind of mixed reaction or have they all been the same? And on that note which is the best Batsuit to make an appearance in any Batman movie or live action series? Well that’s what im here to try to establish, so let’s go through all the batsuits to date.

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Friday Films 14th March’14

filmfriday header

Friday has rolled around again and that means the latest movies have made their way onto the big screen for us to go and spend our hard earned pennies on this weekend. But what’s out there and what’s worth the admission price? Well that’s where I can help, as I give you my honest opinion on what’s worth seeing and what’s worth waiting for it to show up on free TV.  Continue reading

Burton back for Beetlejuice 2?


About 18months ago Michael Keaton announced that he was definately interested in reprising the role of Beetlejuice for the much discussed sequel, but after this everything went a little quiet.

Well if the latest ‘unconfirmed anonymous source’ is to be believed the project may has just got more interesting- as rumour suggests that Tim Burton is attached to the movie in a directorial capacity.
This would be grey news, as Burton returning to the world of one of his best movies for a direct sequel could create great results.

For now thought this is still unconfirmed, so needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. But it would be a great move.