Fantastic Four (Reboot) gets a Trailer


Fox’s reboot for the Fantastic Four has seen nothing but bad press since it was announced, however today we got the first look at the trailer for the movie and it doesn’t look like it deserves the stick its got so far. Continue reading

Fantastic Four gets new writer

Fantastic-Four-Terry-DodsonThe already announced re-boot, of Marvels first family is set to go into production in early 2014. However it appears that X-men Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg will have to make some changes to the script before that can happen.

Kinberg is well known for his script ‘polishing’ have made last minute changes to Jumper, Sherlock Holmes and the previously mentioned X-men Days of Future past scripts among others. Whats more intriguing is that the script has been finished now for a while, so how much of a change is needed is the real question? However with Kinberg being added to the movie as a producer alongside Matthew Vaughn, i would suggest alot.

The film has no official casting news right now, although rumours suggest Miles Teller, Michael B.Jordan (Chronicles) and Allison Williams (Girls) may well be heading up the cast.

Could the re-write include Franklin Richards- a well known omega level mutant? This would be a great way to link Fox’s two marvel properties, and Matthew Vaughn has hinted at linking them in the past.