Weekly Recomendation: InHuman (2013-present)


This weeks recommendation comes from Marvel, and their relaunch of the InHuman┬áline in 2013. I’ve recently got around to reading this (thanks to the Marvel Unlimited App) and have thoroughly enjoyed the change of status quo that series gave the InHumans and the character development were treated too. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Sex Criminals


This weeks recommendation is an independent comic book coming out of the juggernaut that is Image Comics, written by Matt FRaction and features art by Chip Zdarsky- and other than garnishing a huge amount of praise has also generated a huge amount of negative press for itself given its stories context and downright refusal to be censored. However there is much more to this book than controversy including an intriguing story, some great dialog and a reflection of how open the world current is towards sexuality through some seriously comedic moments and some strangely odd action sequences. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation; Avengers Vs X-Men: Axis


This weeks recommendation is a short event series from Marvel comics, that is still currently running with a single issue left to make the stands and as such is a first for me as I’ve never recommended a mini-series that is still running. However this series so far has been one hell of a read and looks like it could really leave lasting ramifications on the Marvel universe. Continue reading

Agents of SHIELD mis-season breakdown

Marvels-Agents-of-SHIELD-Season-2-Banner [www.imagesplitter.net]
Agents of SHIELD season1 had plenty of geeky moments for comic book fans including an appearance from Lady Sif, Graviton being created, the Enchantress and the inclusion of Hydra: but last nights Season2 mid-season finale gave us the biggest and best geek moments of the entire series so far. And im not just talking about the ending, there was a host of information given to us last night that you may have missed- so here it is. Continue reading