Captain America MCU fight scenes supercut


Captain America is now a stalwart of the MCU and has had some of the best fight scenes of all the characters- and now we have a supercut of each and every moment to sink our teeth into. Continue reading

Vulture For Spider-Man Homecoming?


Michael Keaton was in talks to appear in Spider-Man Homecoming before they apparently broke down over wages, however it appears this has been sorted and he will now be appearing and playing the Vulture. Continue reading

Deadpool Trailer arrives


Deadpool has long been a hugely fun yet violent part of the Marvel universe that has captured the interest of almost every comic book fan, and after the Wolverine: X-Men Origins debacle was due a movie outing done correctly. And today we got the first glimpse at the movie starring Ryan Reynolds that does him justice. Continue reading

Is this the MCU Spider-Man


Marvels Avengers:Age of Ultron is out this week (I have my tickets) and now a potential post credit spoiler has hit the internet- and it shows none other than the Web Crawler himself. Continue reading

Marvel Breakfast Cereals


These mock Marvel breakfast cereals created by Bamboota and Elliot Fernandez are so cool that you will wish they were real. THere are some really great mock-ups here including ‘Gamma Smacks’ which I would happily much all day long. Continue reading