Geeky Thrift Store Paintings


Everyone loves a well done cross over, and finds thrift store scenario paintings boring which is why adding the two is has amazing results! Here is collection of cool crossovers from an American artist Continue reading


Marvel and Nintendo mashup ‘WiiVengers’ is awesome


James Farr, has mixed Nintendo’s greatest with the  Marvel Universe in the animated parody “The Wiivengers,” in which “Nintendo’s mightiest heroes must assemble to defeat the galaxy’s puniest god, and recapture the legendary power of … the NESeract!” Continue reading

Sketch Dailies’ Mario

Mario seen wearing the Tanooki Suit. The suit ...



Sketch Dailie’s issues a daily challenge to artists all around the world via Twitter, and each day gets itself a new theme normally a character or  or a type of character and artists give their own take sometimes with amazing results.. Yesterdays character design was Mario, everyone’s favourite Gumba stomping, princess rescuing and red wearing plumber. and some of the artwork is pretty cool too. Continue reading

Crazy childhood characters

20140331-091723.jpgA short while ago i mentioned a project by digital artist ‘Tohad’ which aimed at turning everyone’s beloved childhood characters into insane monsters, killers, mutants and everything unsavoury and unpleasant for no other reason than because he could, and the first batch were great. Well he has returned with a new batch and these are just as insane as the original selection of art. So lets take a look at the new Lion King, the mutated Rugrats and a killer Ariel Continue reading

Classic Video Games Re-imagined as Romance Novels

The fine folks over at Shutterstock and illustrator Echo Chernik teamed up for Valentine’s Day, and imagined what romantic pulp fiction would look like with video game characters.
This is a very similar concept to the superheroes as romance novels I blogged a little time ago, but contains realistic art and as such looks totally amazing. Continue reading

Geektastic tee’s

20140212-124836.jpgOne of the many cool things about being geeky is the opportunity to show your inner nerd on the outside, and what better way to do this than with an amazing combination of famous quote, characters and movies all rolled into and placed on the front of a t-shirt. If like me you recognise the awesome Mario t-shirt to be a mockery of a recent Jean Claude Van Dam commercial, you should really appreciate the rest of my recent favourites Continue reading