Geeky Thrift Store Paintings


Everyone loves a well done cross over, and finds thrift store scenario paintings boring which is why adding the two is has amazing results! Here is collection of cool crossovers from an American artist Continue reading


Cartoon Heroes from Hamish Steele



Hamish Steele delivers some very detailed but insanely cartoonish looking visuals every time he releases a new set of images, and these latest are no different. He has added his own take to pop culture heroes with great results. Continue reading

Movie Characters Business Cards

20140410-122338.jpgEverybody loves a good movie character, that is well thought out and has an abundance of enthusiasm- but once they’ve finished there on screen task where do these characters go and what do they fill their time with? I mean there’s only so many times ‘The Dude’ can try to find missing people, and i would suggest that the once is enough for him, so how does he make a modest living now? Well that’s the focus of this collection of artwork- business cards for your favourite movie characters and their new-found endeavours now the cameras have stopped rolling, and I have to say there pretty awesome. Continue reading

Geektastic tee’s

20140212-124836.jpgOne of the many cool things about being geeky is the opportunity to show your inner nerd on the outside, and what better way to do this than with an amazing combination of famous quote, characters and movies all rolled into and placed on the front of a t-shirt. If like me you recognise the awesome Mario t-shirt to be a mockery of a recent Jean Claude Van Dam commercial, you should really appreciate the rest of my recent favourites Continue reading