Women of Disney as Pin-ups

w640 (12)Artist Amy Mebberson has redesigned most of the ladies of Disney here with a classic pin-up feel and look, and I have to say that they’re definitely impressive.  Continue reading

Dangerous Disney Princesses


Every so often I come across some great artwork that relates to Disney, and I feel it just has to be shared. And this time it’s artwork from Johni Kok, who has turned Disney princesses in real Dangerous warriors. Continue reading

Disney: ‘Unhappily Ever After’

20140507-153534.jpgThis has to be one of the most depressing uses of Disney characters that i have ever seen, even though its highly accurate and amazing well thought out and presented. The collection of artwork from digital animator Jeff Hong, is entitled ‘Unhappily ever after’ puts some of your favourite and most iconic Disney characters in real life situations rather than the magical worlds were all used to seeing them in.

Continue reading

Crazy childhood characters

20140331-091723.jpgA short while ago i mentioned a project by digital artist ‘Tohad’ which aimed at turning everyone’s beloved childhood characters into insane monsters, killers, mutants and everything unsavoury and unpleasant for no other reason than because he could, and the first batch were great. Well he has returned with a new batch and these are just as insane as the original selection of art. So lets take a look at the new Lion King, the mutated Rugrats and a killer Ariel Continue reading

Game Of Thrones- Disney style


This is a series of 13 Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters as imagined by DeviantARTist DjeDjehuti (aka Sam Tsui). To be fully honest I’m only honouring these as they’re GOT characters, as they’re not the most inventive Disney images I’ve posted lately, but are worth a look (as Ariel is great) Continue reading

Disney Princesses as graffiti pin-ups (NSFW)

This is a small series titled ‘Dirtyland’ by artist Dillon Boy. It features Disney princesses in the style of naked street art pin-ups. There’s nothing here too weird that it would ruin your memories of Disney films, but be warned there is some semi naked art, however this aside their not bad interpretations of Disney characters in the form of street art, so feel free to take a look for yourself. but they’re not quite as good as this take on famous female characters.