Weekly Recommendation: The Further Adventures of the Joker


This weeks recommendation is a collection of short stories entitled ‘The Further Adventures of the Joker’ and is now over 20years old but features some genuinely amazing stories based outside of Batman cannon and from the Jokers muddied past. Continue reading

Star Wars Vs Marvel&DC fan made movie


Weve seen some great fan made videos lately, and the best of these came from ‘Luthor’ who created the amazing Marvel VS DC video from movie footage and now he returns to pit the might of the entire Star Wars universe against the combined power of Marvel and DC’s biggest guns. Continue reading

Joker’s best stories


With Scott Snyder getting the Joker back into the pages of Batman with this months Batman #37- it was obviously his plan at the end of #36 but you didn’t see him, I felt it was time to look at the best of his appearances and tales from over the years. I’m not going to sugar coat this, but the Joker is easily one of my favourite villains of all time and seeing him return or appear makes anything a complete must read. So here are the top tales, in no particular order Continue reading

Suicide Squad Casting Rumours (Harley Quinn and Mr J)


DC announced a host of movies taking them all the way upto 2020 and one of the most exciting prospects is easily the Suicide Squad, mainly because the cast of mis-fits/villains could be amazing and getting to see a full team of villains on the cinema screen really sounds like something we need. However at the time of the announcement we knew nothing- and now casting rumours are running riot Continue reading

Batman Vs Superman movie news


There seems to be a host of new information hitting the internet almost daily about Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a lot of it has to do with the casting of new characters that will expand the universe (see my thoughts on that here) However there has been some substantial news that relates to characters we already know about, so let’s get it rolling. Continue reading

DC Movie Dates

DC have been long rumoured to be looking at getting more of their properties onto the big screen in a similar move to Marvel- but as of today everything had just been wild speculation and rumour apart from ‘Batman vs Superman’ but that’s all changed. Continue reading