Guardians of the Galaxy (Animated) Origin Stories


Disney is set to premiere the Guardians of the Galaxy animated show next month and is gearing up with some origin tales- so far we have Groot and Starlord and they’re great. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Hulk and the Agents of SMASH

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The only reason I really saw this show is because it aired before ‘Avengers Assemble’ which I really wanted to see, but the show has quickly become essential viewing in my house as it’s a great team cartoon that showcases the best of Hulk and his desire to be a true hero. However that’s not all the show does well, as it also provides great stories and some great action sequences. Continue reading

Frozen: In the Style of Tim Burton

20140508-092309.jpgJapanese artist ‘Yoko’ has created a series of drawings that illustrate the characters of Disney’s Frozen as if they were designed by Tim Burton himself, and while there cute there also a little creepy in their Burtonesque tones.

If your anything like my daughter- or hundreds of other girls who love Frozen- im sure these will be just the thing for you.

Continue reading

Animal A-Z art for kids


I find myself posting and reading more material aimed at children’s education these days (I blame my young children) but only rare bits gets to grace my blog and this one is worthy.

London-based illustrator Marcus Reed developed this clever typography series in which animals look like the 26 letters of the alphabet. Drawing upon the creatures’ natural shapes, colors, and movements, he beautifully blended different features together to form each character. A is for Alligator, J is for Jellyfish, P is for Penguin, and so on, the series is an inventive interpretation of classic typography. Continue reading

Game Of Thrones- Disney style


This is a series of 13 Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters as imagined by DeviantARTist DjeDjehuti (aka Sam Tsui). To be fully honest I’m only honouring these as they’re GOT characters, as they’re not the most inventive Disney images I’ve posted lately, but are worth a look (as Ariel is great) Continue reading

Geekabet- a full (nearly) alphabet for kids

The below artwork, is easily one of the most inventive and geeky ways to teach your children the alphabet I’ve seen in years and that’s what makes it so great. The artwork is produced by Otis Frampton who’s artwork you may have seen me list before, is basically the alphabet (minus a few letters, as its still work in progress) for the inner nerd in us all. Continue reading

GTA V for ‘Kids’

With a host of new shorts appearing all over the internet every week, its easy to miss some of the more random yet exciting ones, well here’s possibly the oddest one I’ve found lately- Grand Theft Auto V for kids.

Yes the folks over at ‘Nacho Punch’ have turned the best selling game of the year, into a children’s short cartoon aimed at helping children learn the basics in life like counting and word association, however be warned this isn’t really at all suitable for kids but is funny to see.

The first webisode can be viewed below, enjoy!