Weekly Recommendation: Octonauts

recommendationYes this weeks recommendation is a really weird one for me- as it’s a children’s television show, but its one I’ve spent countless hours watching and re-watching in my household and have gained a surprisingly large amount of information from. This is a show that I honestly never thought id enjoy, my daughter loves everything Octonaut related, but i honestly thought it would be another case of watching something she likes in a semi bored state yet I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is one of the best children’s shows on television and im happy to let my daughter watch almost as much of it as she likes and here’s why. Continue reading

Crazy childhood characters

20140331-091723.jpgA short while ago i mentioned a project by digital artist ‘Tohad’ which aimed at turning everyone’s beloved childhood characters into insane monsters, killers, mutants and everything unsavoury and unpleasant for no other reason than because he could, and the first batch were great. Well he has returned with a new batch and these are just as insane as the original selection of art. So lets take a look at the new Lion King, the mutated Rugrats and a killer Ariel Continue reading