Thought Bubble: Marvels Cinematic Universe Spider-Man


Recently Marvel announced that they have reached a deal with Sony to bring Spider-man into the Marvel cinematic universe, and the resounding cheers of nerds across the word could literally be heard (myself included) but what Should Marvel do with the Web Crawler now? Well lets take a look Continue reading

Marvel May have found their ‘Dr Strange’


Only yesterday it was announced that Marvel have a director for their Dr Strange movie, and today there are huge rumblings that they may have already found the man to fill his mystical cape. With Scott Derrickson being named as director, everyone is keen to see who fills the role of the Mystical Magician- and Marvel appear to be continuing their trend of casting lesser known stars in main roles as with all previous movies, yes im including Robert Downey Jnr in that too as at the point he got the role of Tony Stark no-one would touch him in Hollywood.

So who are Marvel looking at, well none other than Jared Leto- yes you did read that right. And im not too shocked, Jared may not look the part right now but Jared Leto never looks like himself on-screen (Just see Panic Room) and would be about the right size to portray Stephen Strange, and im sure would fit into the budget that Marvel seems to like for its movie heroes. Bear in mind that right now this is pure specualtion- but given how fast the director was announced I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear some real news fast.

Let me know what you think of the idea of Leto as Strange.



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Marvels New Movie Heroes

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been doing the promotional rounds for their latest release Thor: The Dark World, and has been very open when asked about future plans relating to the Marvel universe. When you piece together all the information that has been shared so far it paints a very positive picture for the next few years at Marvel, so here’s what has been shared

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