Short Thoughts 1-8th February ’15


Here are my reviews of all the television and comic books that i have managed to read and watch (minus 20minute episodes of Star Wars Rebels, and Marvel animations) this past week. This weeks featured some big television moments like the introduction of ‘Dr Crane’ in Gotham and some hyped new comic book releases like ‘Nameless’ from Grant Morisson; and here are my thoughts on it all. Continue reading


Short Thoughts 19-25th Jan’15


This weeks ‘Short Thoughts’ has a host of 5minute reviews for you, including the final installment in Peter Jackson’s franchise ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five armies,’ The latest issue of Spider-verse (Amazing Spider-Man 13) and a host of television returns including the Flash and Arrow. So here let the rambling reviews begin Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 26November 14


Comics, Comics, Comics is how my brain sounds at this time of the week as were less than 24hours away from the release of this weeks new books. And here’s what i think is worth checking out this week from the plethora of releases. Continue reading

Constantine TV Trailer

CONSTANTINE First Official Image_5321deca57a783.18223099Its been none for a while now that DC’s ‘Hellblazer’ was getting itself a television series in the form of ‘Constantine’ and casting has been completed for some time and we have eagerly been snapping up every little photo that has been released. Well today see’s the release of the first trailer for the show- and it looks pretty true to the comic books from the small amount of footage. Continue reading