Upcoming Comic Shows on TV (Part2)

arrow_suicide_squadSo earlier on this week, I produced a piece around upcoming comic shows based on properties that may have been new to some of the readers and viewers out there- well this time its the turn of the big boys/well known properties. Most of the shows listed here, are from the two big companies (DC & Marvel) and the characters should be recognisable to even the smallest of comic book fans. But that doesnt mean these can be the next big comic book property to hit the small screen- so lets take a look at what we have….. Continue reading

Superhero TV (Marvel, DC, Avatar and Oni Press)

It needs to be said that this week has been a huge week for the comic book based superhero on television- not only because both ‘Arrow’ and ‘Agents of SHIELD’ took a positive step in the right direction, but because the future is looking nearly as bright as a gamma explosion for superheroes.
There have been some major announcements this week relating to what we will soon see on the small and big screen from a multitude of companies, so let’s see what it all means…..

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