Dark Tower Movie Update


With Stephen Kings Epic Dark Tower series set to hit the big screen in 2017- there is more and more news now leaking out about the story and the settings. And over the weekend we were treated to some new official photos and a rare bit of story information, so lets look at this. Continue reading

Pacific Rim- New 1sheet


This has to be one of the best looking summer blockbusters of the year- and with every new piece of advertising material released i get more excited to see Del Toro’s monster movie.

Del Toro has proved before that he can deliver visual stunning movies (Pans Labyrinth) and that he can deliver a good action movie (Hellboy/Blade2) so i have really high hopes for what looks like it could one of the best monster movies of recent times.

And the one sheet above really has me wanting to see the ‘Kaiju’ in their full glory destroying towns.

Guess the 12th July can’t come around fast enough.