Kong: Skull Island- How it should have Ended.

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How It Should Have Ended are back again and this time they have given 2016’s Kong Skull Island the animated alternative ending treatment. And this one is a real doozy- so check it out now! Continue reading


How It Should Have Ended: How To Train Your Dragon2


‘How to train your Dragon2’ was a massive success for Dreamworks, and is beloved in my household as my daughter can’t get enough of anything that relates to this world and more specifically ‘Toothless and Hiccup.’ However the good folks over at How It Should Have Ended have given this movie the animated ending treatment that all major get and as always its brilliantly done. Continue reading

How It Should Have Ended- Guardians of the Galaxy

wpid-wp-1414827504671.jpegThe great guys over at How It Should Have Ended have once again produced a very funny animation that treats us to at least one alternative ending to a pop culture phenomenon of a film. In this instance they have given us a plethora of alternative endings to Marvels big Summer blockbuster- Guardians of the Galaxy. Continue reading

Amazing Spider-Man2: How It Should Have Ended

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The great animation team over at How It Should Have Ended have got their latest video all completed and ready for viewing, and I have to say its a little bit stranger than their usual animations but it’s still funny and well worth a watch despite being more surreal. Continue reading