Best developments from Free Comic Book Day 2016


This weekend saw 2016s Free Comic Book Day (My Daughter loved this year), and amidst the titles there was some very good storytelling, and there was some shocks set out in advance of future stories. So without any further messing around here are the biggest developments from the weekend: Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 25th Feb’15


Wednesday is nearly upon us along with a host of top titles this week to choose from, there’s a bunch of ongoing titles that have been amazing in th last few months along with some exciting new titles launching this week; making it harder than ever to work out what to be buying. to help you along with this, here are my Picks of the Week Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Spider-Man Unlimited


This weeks recommendation takes the form of a mobile game (only my second ever mobile recommendation) and while i find myself ditching most mobile games in a few hours of play- except Guardians of the Galaxy TUW- this game has kept me hooked in 15minute spells for the best part of this week, all week! Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 19th November ’14



Wednesday can mean only one thing- thats its new comic book day wether you buy them in a classic paper format or a less tactile digital format- this is the best day of the week. So heres what I’m picking as the books to read this week.

Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Edge of Spider-Verse

images (24)This weeks recommendation is unusual, mainly because it’s for a limited series that is only half way through and doesn’t really even contain the conclusion to the story- but never the less this series has been great and truly deserves to be read. Obviously im talking about ‘Edge of Spiderverse.’ Continue reading

Spider-verse: Meet some more Spider-men



Spider-verse is Marvels big Spider-man event for the end of this year and kicks off in October with the limited ‘Edge of Spider-verse’ storyline in October, before the ‘real big’ event of Spider-verse starts in November. Marvel have already announced small amounts of information around the creators getting their hands on some of the more diverse new characters making their way into ‘Spider-verse’ but today they’ve released the first real bit of information for each character and its intriguing. Continue reading