Comic Book Picks 3rd December’14


Wednesday is now only one sleep away, and with it comes a host of new titles that are all vying for your money and limited time to turn their pages and enjoy the stories within. This week sees the return of a favourite character of mine after a few months away- Hellboy, along with some other big titles- but whats worth your time? Here are my thoughts Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: The Devils Backbone

recommendationOver the weekend I watched ‘Mama’ which is produced by Guillermo Del Toro, and was amazed at the work he manages to get out of younger and newer directors when focuses on a genre he knows well- Ghost stories. This made me a nostalgic for some of Del Toro’s earlier work and the first film that came to mind as a complete work of brilliance was ‘The Devils Backbone’ so it’s this weeks recommendation. Continue reading

Pacific Rim 2: Its Official and has a Release Date

Pacific Rim Locandina

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim was a huge movie, at least outside of the United States, where it made a whopping 75% of its total gross income. Not only is this a real rarity but this is the real reason anyone was looking to make a sequel to this movie, which if you’ve seen thoroughly deserves a sequel as the first movie was a great example of a modern Kaiju film. And earlier today it was confirmed by both Legendary Pictures and Guillermo Del Toro that a sequel and another related project are in the works Continue reading

The Strain: official trailer


The arrival of Guillermo Del Toro’s vampire epic to our television screens is growing ever closer, and with it has come a host of sneak peaks so far. Well today sees the first official release of a trailer that showcases actual footage, and it’s full of great details.

Continue reading

The Strain gets it Premiere date

The_Strain_Early_Promotional_ArtThe adaptation of Gullermo De Toro’s vampire trilogy of books has been on my ‘watchlist’ for a while now- as im really looking forward to seeing how they present this on television. And it looks like after a sleuth of teasers and a few small images that we finally get a date to put in our TV planners and its closer than I could have dreamt. Continue reading

‘The Strain’ New Teasers

The_Strain_Early_Promotional_ArtI’m going to get this out of the way- but I love Guillermo Del Toro and anything he touches, but ‘The Strain’ series of novels is superb without my rose tinted glasses. This is a series that really will redefine the way that Vampires are shown on television- there will be no more shining in the daylight or lusting after some alone time with humans (well only to eat) this will showcase the best of vampires and that’s their total desire to eat, conquer and repeat.

FX announced that they were developing this show at the end of last year- and i have been following it eagerly awaiting the release this summer. And this week has seen a host of new short teasers, some of which give you a good taste of whats to come in the show, so check them out. Continue reading