Strain Season3 Trailer

Strain S2 teaser art

The Strain has been a huge success for FX, given that’s its a very different take on the Vampire lure and its set to return for the 3rd season this summer- and with that announcement comes a great trailer. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Scream Queens


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a little known television show that takes the teen horror genre and turns it completely upside down and acknowledges the entire infeasible actions these characters normally take into a funny mystery that features the death of a character each episode until the killer is finally revealed. Continue reading

FX/Fox Developing 3New Comic Book shows


FX and Fox respectively, have given us some brilliant shows over the past fears especially on the adaptation front- including ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Strain.’ And now they look set to be trying their hand again as they have acquired the rights to 3huge comic book based shows- ‘Y: The Last Man,’ ‘The Hellfire Club’ and ‘Legion.’ Continue reading

The Strain Season 2 Trailer

Strain S2 teaser art
The Strain was one of my favourite new shows last year- mainly thanks to Del Toro and the brilliant work he did with the original books and the faithful adaptation to the screen, but also because it gave us something new and different with vampires. And now we have our first official look at season2 Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: American Horror Story


Monday is here once again and that means its time for me to get on my high horse and tell everyone what they should be looking to add to their lives this week- and this week its the ever creative American Horror Story. Continue reading

American Horror Story- New Teasers

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American Horror Story Freakshow is only a short time away from the season premiere and that means that we are getting more and more teaser images and vignettes in preparation for the inevitably crazy first episode- and today we get 3new teasers. Continue reading