Short Thoughts 19-25th Jan’15


This weeks ‘Short Thoughts’ has a host of 5minute reviews for you, including the final installment in Peter Jackson’s franchise ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five armies,’ The latest issue of Spider-verse (Amazing Spider-Man 13) and a host of television returns including the Flash and Arrow. So here let the rambling reviews begin Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: American Horror Story


Monday is here once again and that means its time for me to get on my high horse and tell everyone what they should be looking to add to their lives this week- and this week its the ever creative American Horror Story. Continue reading

American Horror Story- New Teasers

images (3)

American Horror Story Freakshow is only a short time away from the season premiere and that means that we are getting more and more teaser images and vignettes in preparation for the inevitably crazy first episode- and today we get 3new teasers. Continue reading