Thought Bubble: Comic Book Streaming?


With streaming services so big for every medium on the planet such as Movies, Music and Gaming it has to beg the question why we don’t have a service yet that offer the same function for comic books. Is this something that would work or is this just a pipe dream of a comic book loving nerd? Well lets take a look at how this could function and why it might not Continue reading

Joker’s best stories


With Scott Snyder getting the Joker back into the pages of Batman with this months Batman #37- it was obviously his plan at the end of #36 but you didn’t see him, I felt it was time to look at the best of his appearances and tales from over the years. I’m not going to sugar coat this, but the Joker is easily one of my favourite villains of all time and seeing him return or appear makes anything a complete must read. So here are the top tales, in no particular order Continue reading