Geeky Thrift Store Paintings


Everyone loves a well done cross over, and finds thrift store scenario paintings boring which is why adding the two is has amazing results! Here is collection of cool crossovers from an American artist Continue reading


Weekly Recommendation: House of 1000 Corpses



Once again i return with my weekly recommendation (after a small vacation) and this week sees me enter into the world of horror movies, but not just your regular makes you jump horror movie, but a real twisted will stay with you for a long time horror movie- you could say a crazy ride you’ll never forget or sleep correctly after for a few days. This is the directorial debut of the often polarizing Rob Zombie, and is a completely insane trip into the mind of the man and the legend. Continue reading

Geekabet- a full (nearly) alphabet for kids

The below artwork, is easily one of the most inventive and geeky ways to teach your children the alphabet I’ve seen in years and that’s what makes it so great. The artwork is produced by Otis Frampton who’s artwork you may have seen me list before, is basically the alphabet (minus a few letters, as its still work in progress) for the inner nerd in us all. Continue reading