American Gods Character Posters

The American Gods premiere date is inching ever closer, with a mere month to go until we get to see Bryan Fullers adaption of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel – WAH.. so much excitement! To tide us over, the kind people of Starz have released a series of character posters – and they are stunning. Seriously. The colourful posters depict 10 of the main […]

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Stephen Kings New Novel has familiar sound!


Stephen King has released the synopsis for his new novel ‘Gwendys Button Box’ this week and when I read it I had t a huge gush of surprise and joy- as it may link to my most popular work of his. Want to see what it is? Well lets take a look Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: The Ocean at the End of the Lane


This weeks recommendation is one from the wonderful mind of Neil Gaiman, and while it strays from the regular intricate and twisting stories were used too it still delivers read that you cant put down- only this one leaves you feeling nostalgic and downright emotional like a child at the end. Gaiman can do it all, and this book proves he can take readers on journeys of all kinds. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to one of Stephen Kings most beloved books- ‘The Shining.’ And it continues the tale of Danny Torrence and what has become of the boy, now turned man, since the events at the overlook, and tells its tale in a less scary yet equally enthralling way. Continue reading

American Gods TV show moves forward

Cover of "American Gods: A Novel"


Anyone who has read ‘American Gods’ by Neil Gaiman knows how great a story this is, and just how well it could potentially work on television given the right adaptation. However over the last 12months since the adaptation was originally announced it seems to have been in limbo much to the annoyance of many fans- until today that is.for fans who cant wait to see  Continue reading