Comic Book Picks 11th March’15


Wednesday is just around the corner and that means that were very close to another day full of glorious new comic book reading, but lets take a real long look at whats the best book out there this week for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 10th December’14


Wednesday is nearly here, as is the end of the year, and that means that it time for a new batch of comic books in 2014 that will hopefully keep one of the better years (at least recently) for ongoing series alive and provide us with another week of great books to get our hands on. Here are my picks for the week…. Continue reading

Who has wielded Mjolnir?


Today a new Thor is crowned over at Marvel comics, and this is a massive thing for us comic book readers- but it’s certainly not the first time another has managed to lift and even use Mjolnir. So lets take a look at some of the others deemed worthy to wield the mighty Hammer of the Gods Continue reading