Comic Book Picks 19th November ’14



Wednesday can mean only one thing- thats its new comic book day wether you buy them in a classic paper format or a less tactile digital format- this is the best day of the week. So heres what I’m picking as the books to read this week.

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Ghostbusters 3 cast?


The latest rumour circulating the internet, with regards to the long rumoured and speculated third movie in the Ghostbuster’s franchise, concerns some casting.
We’ve heard several times that the majority of the original movies cast won’t be returning and this this movie could well focus on a new younger set of Ghostbusters under the tutorage of one original- and i appears that this is gaining some credibility due to the latest casting news.
If rumours are to be believed then ‘Superbad’ stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are going to be cast in the movie- let the speculation on what this means for the tone of the movie begin.