13th Doctor: Why the Controversy?


This weekend the BBC gave us the name and look of the 13th Doctor- and for some reason this seems to have caused a stir all over the internet, and not simply the positive one I was expecting. So with that being said lets look at what all this controversy is about and whether its really needed. Continue reading

Week in Geek 3-10th August’14

week in geek

Sunday is always the end of the week, and a slow day for new news but never fear I’m here with a catch-up on the weeks Nerdiest news for you all so enjoy! Continue reading

Geektastic tee’s

20140212-124836.jpgOne of the many cool things about being geeky is the opportunity to show your inner nerd on the outside, and what better way to do this than with an amazing combination of famous quote, characters and movies all rolled into and placed on the front of a t-shirt. If like me you recognise the awesome Mario t-shirt to be a mockery of a recent Jean Claude Van Dam commercial, you should really appreciate the rest of my recent favourites Continue reading

Dr Who Xmas teaser

The BBC hit a real home run yesterday with the Dr Who 50th Anniversary ‘The Day of the Doctor’ which was a true masterpiece of televisual story telling. They then followed that with a #Sherlocklives teaser for the new season of ‘Sherlock,’ well today they’ve done it again: Continue reading