Dr Doom to become Iron Man!


Hot off the news that Riri Williams is to become the new Invincible Iron-Man post Civil War II, it appears that the other announced Iron Man book wont be headed up by Tony Stark but instead by Victor Von Doom (Yes your reading that right!) Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Secret Wars (Marvel 2014)


Marvels  Secret Wars was launched in 2014 as the event to re-establish a new status-quo for the Marvel comic book universe, and I as sceptical of this to say the least. However what we got was much better than anyone expected and one of the best mini events that has taken place in the last 5years- hence the reason it becomes this weeks recommendation. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 5th November ’14



Wednesday is once more upon the brink, and that can only mean it’s nearly time for a whole new batch of comic books to arrive and here’s what i think you should be reading this week Continue reading

Marvel Stormtrooper’s

Yes you read that right! What would stormtroopers like like killing people for the emipre if they were designed like Marvel heroes and villains? Well now we have the answer- and as expected its decidedly cool.

Artist Jon Bolerjack has created these amazing mash-ups and i can only dream that these become reality at some point even in animated form or the form of playable computer game characters- either way these need to see the light of day in some other way.

Well now you can enjoy.

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