Spider-Man: Who may be ‘Dead No More’


Marvels most recent and biggest round of teaser images refer to ‘Dead No More’ and the most recent image gave us a clue that it may well relate to the Spider-Verse and its deep history of characters. But who could be coming back, if anyone is at all, lets take a look at who are my top prospects. Continue reading

Sony pushes ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ backwards

Sony has moved the third installment of its “Amazing Spider-Man” film franchise from 2016 to 2018, as reported Wednesday by Deadline. But that doesn’t mean 2016 will be without a Spidey film — “Sinister Six” has been scheduled for Nov. 11 of that year. Continue reading

Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Villain Art

20140508-121605.jpgI saw these and instantly thought they were amazing! This is a series of fictious, yet highly likely in the Marvel Universe, Daily Bugle headlines and covers that all relate to some of the most famous villains from Spider-Man.

The series has been created by Phil Postma- and really would look cool as a collection of covers on the wall. The villains included are Venom, Dr Octopus, Green Goblin, Vulture, Sandman, Electro, Rhino, The Lizard, Mysterio, Black Cat and Scorpion.

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Sinister Six Movie Line-up Revealed?

Superhero Hype reports that Sony Pictures may be teasing the lineup for The Sinister Six in the credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The film will be written and directed by Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods). 

The post-credits will feature a teaser for X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, the credits themselves are part of a deal between Shazam and Sony. Shazam users can use the app during the end credits song (Alicia Keys’ “It’s On Again” featuring Kendrick Lamar) and get a copy of the credits, minus the titles, sent to their mobile devices. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 4th December’13

Wednesday is just around the corner- and that means that its almost new Comic Book day, and as always that means there’s a whole host of titles being released- so here’s what I think you should be getting…..

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Comic Boom Picks 13th November ’13

Once again Wednesday is nearly upon us- and that means that there is a huge array of new books hitting the shelves that are all competing for your cash and more importantly all looking to get you on board as a long time reader, so with that in mind here are my picks for this week. Continue reading