X-Men meet The Smiths

The X-Men and the Morrisey led band don’t have much in common, unless your Adam Villacin. He’s created these great artworks that mix your favourite mutants with your favourite Smiths lyrics

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Movie Poster’s: Fan Creations

20140612-121431-44071290.jpgFan made movie posters used to be things of dread- as they looked cheesy and cheap, however these days you tend to find that a lot of them are truly better than the originals. The reasons for this could be that the fans have more creative freedom over the poster, while targeted movie posters need to appeal to as many people as possible, but whatever the reason im always on the lookout for a good set of fan mad movie posters and Reelizer have created some of the best. Continue reading

Tarantino Inspired Art

20140401-101259.jpgWith it being the Legendary directors birthday just over a week ago- I was tempted to run a post about his best movies but then had real difficulty narrowing it down and deciding what to go with. So instead I’ve managed to find some inspired Tarantino artwork, because if the man is entertaining us all he’s definitely inspiring us and providing us with memorable moments and characters so here is some cool looking artwork inspired by the man.

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Crazy childhood characters

20140331-091723.jpgA short while ago i mentioned a project by digital artist ‘Tohad’ which aimed at turning everyone’s beloved childhood characters into insane monsters, killers, mutants and everything unsavoury and unpleasant for no other reason than because he could, and the first batch were great. Well he has returned with a new batch and these are just as insane as the original selection of art. So lets take a look at the new Lion King, the mutated Rugrats and a killer Ariel Continue reading