Tears of a Geek


As lovers of Comic Books, movies, animation and all things geeky- there tends to be a thought that were far removed from the societal norms of emotions others feel, but we know that’s not true. We feel the same way about the X-Men that others do about the Kardashians (I know which I prefer out of those mutants!) and at times the stories and characters we love make us cry- yes I’ve cried at comic books and here are the times that hurt me the most. Continue reading

Movie Most Heroic Deaths

Everyone loves a good mvie hero, and the only thing we love more than seeing our favourite hero save the day is make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. No we all have our favourite ones im sure- but the good folks over at Crítica Daquele Filme have compiled a list of the top 43 sacrifices in movie history.

Lets take a good look Continue reading