Flash Season Finale Easter egg (Black Flash!)


The Flash season finale was great television, the show down between Zoom and Barry was great and the slow motion (technically super-fast) fight scenes were brilliantly shot, but did you catch the big tease for future story lines towards the end? well here it is (SPOILERS)….. Continue reading

Captain Boomerang comes to Arrow

images (2)Arrow season3 has cast yet another villain for a short run in the show, which at this rate looks like it will contain all of the B-list villains that DC has to offer and i couldn’t be happier about this right now. The latest villain to be cast in the show is Captain Boomerang Continue reading

Constantine TV Trailer

CONSTANTINE First Official Image_5321deca57a783.18223099Its been none for a while now that DC’s ‘Hellblazer’ was getting itself a television series in the form of ‘Constantine’ and casting has been completed for some time and we have eagerly been snapping up every little photo that has been released. Well today see’s the release of the first trailer for the show- and it looks pretty true to the comic books from the small amount of footage. Continue reading

Superhero TV (Marvel, DC, Avatar and Oni Press)

It needs to be said that this week has been a huge week for the comic book based superhero on television- not only because both ‘Arrow’ and ‘Agents of SHIELD’ took a positive step in the right direction, but because the future is looking nearly as bright as a gamma explosion for superheroes.
There have been some major announcements this week relating to what we will soon see on the small and big screen from a multitude of companies, so let’s see what it all means…..

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