Week in Geek 10-17th August’14

week in geek

Once again the week has come to an end, and with it a host of exciting and new news slowly slips away with the prospect of more exciting news in the coming week. But before we get there here’s the top stories of the week. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy: New Viral Advert


Guradians of the Galaxy is less than 1month away from arriving in cinemas all across the world, or maybe the galaxy and Marvel have decide to up the advertising campaign by including Viral sites and trailers now to keep people interested without giving away more of the movie than necessary. And the latest in these viral adverts is brilliant for multiple reasons, firstly it keeps the gorgeous space aesthetics of the movie in focus and secondly it references Marvel TV show ‘Agents of SHIELD.’ Yes you heard that right!

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Trailer #2

Guardians of the Galaxy Has You Covered | All ...

Guardians of the Galaxy

The second trailer for Marvels summer blockbuster, and most risky release yet, has hit the internet today and is full of more character moments and action than the first one- including our first glimpse of ‘Groot’ talking. The trailer showcases the characters and mentions there backgrounds before diving into a plethora of action shots from the movie while giving us a nice voiceover informing every one of the basic storyline for the movie- the worlds needs saving and is in the hands of a ‘bunch of criminals.’ Continue reading