Comic Book Picks 23rd November ’16


Wednesday is nearly here, and while its the release of the latest Pokemon game her in the UK its also new comic book day- meaning I have two reasons to be stoked for tomorrow. So with all the books out there, here are my top picks for this weeks books. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 2November ’16


This Wednesday sees a host of titles hitting your local comic book shop shelves, but lets be honest not everything out there is as good as it should be- and that includes the supposed big two right now! So here’s my picks for the best books of the week to get your hands on…. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 5th October ’16


Today sees a whole new host of comic books released, and there’s a bunch of number ones coming with some regular titles but whats worth all the money you need to shell out? Well here are my picks for the week. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: The Nail


Once again its the beginning of the week, and that makes it time for my recommendation and this week its themed. Incase you dont know it was Wrestlemania 30 yesterday, which is the biggest wrestling even of the year and a huge spectacle for many fans so this week im featuring a short run comic book that focuses on a a lead character who is a wrestler: The Nail by Rob Zombie. Continue reading