Comic Book Picks 7th June’17


This weeks new releases are nearly here, and there is a ton of new titles and a host of low number issues for ‘newer’ titles hitting the shelves- but whats really worth your cold hard cash? Well here are my top picks for the week. Continue reading

Marvel Comics: Are they in trouble?

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Marvel comics have always been the publisher I read the most comics from, and have always been one of the main two companies in the industry- but right now while they’re owning the box office and world of streaming television they seem to be getting their grip on the comic industry pulled away. So is Marvel in trouble? Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 14th October’15


Wednesday is only one day away, and that means more comic books to get our mitts on and divert our attention for days on end. This week continues the relaunch of Marvel titles with new number ones and creative teams but does that mean its a Marvel only week? Lets take a look at whats worth buying this week. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 22April ’15


Wednesday is nearly here again and that means its one day closer to the release of Avengers:Age of Ultron this Thursday. However before then we get a host of comic books that should keep us busy and engaged, and here are my picks for the week. Continue reading