Comic Book Picks’17


This weeks new comic book releases are nearly upon us, and here’s what I think you should be checking out this week and why. Continue reading


Comic Book Picks 7th December’16


Were in the final month of the year now, but that doesn’t mean the comic book shipping schedule is slowing down and this week has a host of new titles getting their start before the year ends. But are these new titles were you should be putting your money or is it elsewhere? Well here are my picks for the week Continue reading

Spider-Man: Who may be ‘Dead No More’


Marvels most recent and biggest round of teaser images refer to ‘Dead No More’ and the most recent image gave us a clue that it may well relate to the Spider-Verse and its deep history of characters. But who could be coming back, if anyone is at all, lets take a look at who are my top prospects. Continue reading