Kong: Skull Island- How it should have Ended.

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How It Should Have Ended are back again and this time they have given 2016’s Kong Skull Island the animated alternative ending treatment. And this one is a real doozy- so check it out now! Continue reading

Ash Vs Evil Dead: Top5 moments


Ash Vs Evil Dead has been nothing short of greatly entertaining television and has been exactly what a revamp of this series should have been and needed to be. Its had oodles of cheesy Ash dialogue, lots of over the top blood bath violence, deadite craziness and violence but most importantly it had some great nostalgic nods. With that in mind here are my top 5 moments from the first season (Spoilers Abound). Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Scream Queens


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a little known television show that takes the teen horror genre and turns it completely upside down and acknowledges the entire infeasible actions these characters normally take into a funny mystery that features the death of a character each episode until the killer is finally revealed. Continue reading

Scwarzenegger’s Greatest Movie Moments Re-enacted


Scwarzenegger’s has had some major movies, and some great moments but now you can watch him take himself lightly as he Re-enacted his favourites with only a green screen and James Cordon. It’s funny than you’d think too Continue reading

Kids React to Avengers:Age of Ultron


Kids React is a wonderful series of videos that show children things for the first time and record their reactions to exactley what their seeing- and we all know with kids you get the brutal and sometimes hilarious truth. This particular video gives a great look at the latest Avengers Trailer Continue reading

Smiling Showdowns- the greatest rivals made happy

Everyone knows some of pop cultures greatest rivals- Batman&Joker, SpiderMan&Dr Octopus, Ash@The Deadites and artist Scott C has made these somewhat cheerier. The watercolours give each image a great simple and childlike feel to intense characters while the added smiles really do get you smiling too. Continue reading