Thought Bubble: Marvel Masters the Movies

thought bubbleIt’s no secret that comic book movies are not stuff at the box office right now and have been for several years, but let’s look at this realistically there’s really only one studio producing all the major hits- Marvel. So why are Marvel leading the way, I mean DC had success recently too but nothing compared to their counterparts successful market share. So let’s see what there doing that’s keeping them on top over and over again.
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Cap and Black Widow get Age of Ultron Posters

Earlier today we saw the Iron Man and Scarlet Witch Posters, now Captain America and Black Widow are in on the action Continue reading

Friday Films 28March ’14

filmfriday header

Friday is upon us and that means that the new round of movie releases has hit full the local cinema’s and their all after your hard earned cash-so whats worth going to see this week and whats not? Well that’s what im here to tell you, so lets get this started. This weeks releases feature films from a slew of tiny studios, and then from Disney/Marvel- which will dominate the box office for sure. Continue reading