Guardians of the Galaxy (Animated) Origin Stories


Disney is set to premiere the Guardians of the Galaxy animated show next month and is gearing up with some origin tales- so far we have Groot and Starlord and they’re great. Continue reading

Interview with the Babadook


The Babadook was easily the best horror movie of 2014, and possibly the best horror movie of the last 5years. So it should come as no surprise that the folks over at ‘Funny or Die’ have knocked up a faux interview with the Babadook himself Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: The Babadook


Happy 2015 readers, and welcome to my first post of the New Year and its become one of my most read regular posts- the Weekly Recommendation. I’m starting this years with the last film I saw in 2014 ‘The Babadook’ as this really was the best horror movie of the year without question as it really focused on characters, relationships, mood and story telling; all of which are rare in modern horror movies.

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Kids React to Avengers:Age of Ultron


Kids React is a wonderful series of videos that show children things for the first time and record their reactions to exactley what their seeing- and we all know with kids you get the brutal and sometimes hilarious truth. This particular video gives a great look at the latest Avengers Trailer Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Disney Infinity 2.0


Its not very often that I highlight a game as my recommendation nor the week- but this one deserves it. I’ve personally not racked up hours of gameplay yet, but the time I have spent playing with my 3year old daughter has brilliant. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Hulk and the Agents of SMASH

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The only reason I really saw this show is because it aired before ‘Avengers Assemble’ which I really wanted to see, but the show has quickly become essential viewing in my house as it’s a great team cartoon that showcases the best of Hulk and his desire to be a true hero. However that’s not all the show does well, as it also provides great stories and some great action sequences. Continue reading

Frozen: In the Style of Tim Burton

20140508-092309.jpgJapanese artist ‘Yoko’ has created a series of drawings that illustrate the characters of Disney’s Frozen as if they were designed by Tim Burton himself, and while there cute there also a little creepy in their Burtonesque tones.

If your anything like my daughter- or hundreds of other girls who love Frozen- im sure these will be just the thing for you.

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