Weekly Recommendation: Sons of Anarchy


This weeks recommendation is a television show that I have been with since the beginning, and although its now nearing its end is well worthy of everyone giving it a view. Sons of Anarchy has just finished up its sixth season and the show never slows down of fails to produce an emotional response or an exciting episode. Continue reading


Pacific Rim 2: Its Official and has a Release Date

Pacific Rim Locandina

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim was a huge movie, at least outside of the United States, where it made a whopping 75% of its total gross income. Not only is this a real rarity but this is the real reason anyone was looking to make a sequel to this movie, which if you’ve seen thoroughly deserves a sequel as the first movie was a great example of a modern Kaiju film. And earlier today it was confirmed by both Legendary Pictures and Guillermo Del Toro that a sequel and another related project are in the works Continue reading

Pacific Rim- New 1sheet


This has to be one of the best looking summer blockbusters of the year- and with every new piece of advertising material released i get more excited to see Del Toro’s monster movie.

Del Toro has proved before that he can deliver visual stunning movies (Pans Labyrinth) and that he can deliver a good action movie (Hellboy/Blade2) so i have really high hopes for what looks like it could one of the best monster movies of recent times.

And the one sheet above really has me wanting to see the ‘Kaiju’ in their full glory destroying towns.

Guess the 12th July can’t come around fast enough.