Marvel Comics: Are they in trouble?

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Marvel comics have always been the publisher I read the most comics from, and have always been one of the main two companies in the industry- but right now while they’re owning the box office and world of streaming television they seem to be getting their grip on the comic industry pulled away. So is Marvel in trouble? Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 9November ’16


Well once again Wednesday is on the roll around and that means that were due a huge amount of new comic book releases to keep us all busy for the rest of the week. However while that’s good news, it also means we have some hard choices about what to spend our money on- and here are my top picks for this week. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Mouse Guard


This week im venturing into the independent comic scene for my recommendation, as there are some great titles out there and this weeks is one of the best- Mouse Guard. Mouse Guard is published by Archaia comics and is an Eisner Award winning title and when you read it you’ll fully understand why. Continue reading

Thought Bubble: Comic Book Adaptations (Part one)


Comic Books have always been fair game for adaptation into both television shows and movies, but over the past 10years this seems to have boomed to a whole new level of epic proportions with everything even remotely related to a potentially successful comic book getting optioned by one studio or another. But is this really good for comic book fans? Well ive been thinking about this a lot recently, so lets see what random thoughts I can collect together. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 18th June’14


Well once again were at that point in the week where many of us are looking ahead one day and wondering which of the numerous books that arrive with our local comic book store were going to be buying. Well im here to give you a helping hand, or at least my own personal opinion on what i think will be the nest book, or at least the best new book to check out this week.

This weeks list see’s a host of new titles, and for the first time doesn’t contain any of my regular on going picks such as Fatale or Wolverine and the X-men despite them being released, so whats taken their spots? Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 11th June’14


Wednesday is nearly upon us once more- and all that can mean is that your local comic book shop is going to be filling the shelves full of the latest releases for this week, and what could be more exciting than grabbing the new books and getting straight into reading. Well while it’s always thrilling- it can be a real disappointment if you find out you missed the big book of the week, or you bought a dud on a guess and that why im here to let you know what I think is going to be worth buying this week (in my opinion). So let’s get started Continue reading

BOOM Studios- what’s next


BOOM studios announced last week that they had signed a major deal with Fox- that allows them the rights to produce comic books based on anything owned by Fox, but at the same time also allows Fox to produce anything currently owned by BOOM studios. Not only is this a massive move by BOOM studios to get some of their creator owned work onto the big screen, and the television screen but it also changes the comic book adaptation industry- as the deal shares first dollar gross on movies 50-50 between publisher and creator a move not seen by either of the big two companies. This really is another first, from the company who also introduced same day digital downloads in January 2008 before any other company.

However despite that, the most exciting prospect is the wealth  of new material that Fox can get their hands on to produce live action/animated features of. With Fox already having produced the summer hit 2Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, from a comic property owned by BOOM studios and having ‘Rust’ a live action story about a robot adventure already in the pipeline it begs the question what comes next?

Here’s my run down of what Fox should be looking at getting onto our screens in one form or another:

Original cover art

Original cover art

Giant Monster- this was short two-part story written by Steve Niles with art work from Nat Jones. the book followed  astronaut Don Maggert’s first space flight which swallows him alive in the grip of an intergalactic horror, transforming him into something that throws the entire planet into peril!  This was a great story that contained some immense monster sized action- very reminiscent of the recent Kaiju monster revival and would really work on the big screen. The story was well written, as expected from Niles and contained enough content to really get you engaged in more than the action pieces. If this was translated to the big screen, I would really expect to see it pack in the audience, this movie could also have a real old school movie monster feel about it- and if it had ‘Pacific Rim’ level production and costs could also look amazing. Keep Niles on board as a producer (similar to 30Days of Night) and keep the tone fairly adult and this could be just as good if not a better movie than the first 30Days of Night was- and do wonders for the reputation of BOOM studios work.

Super Hero Turned Villian

Super Hero Turned Villian

Irredeemable- this is an ongoing series written by Mark Waid that asks the question ‘What happens if the worlds greatest superhero becomes a super villain?’ and has won multiple Eisner and Harvey awards for its stellar work. The story focuses on a character named the ‘Plutonian’ and tells the tale of how he comes to use his powers for villainy rather than good. This could work really well as a weekly show- think about a ‘Heroes-eques’ show with a really deep story that continues to evolve while remaining engrossing and well plotted storylines, while really showcasing the super powers on offer. This could easily be the showcase of BOOM studios on screen work, as the story telling is amazing, and the content is now more accessible to people than 5years ago due to the super hero boom thats been generated by the big two companies success on the screen.If BOOM dont want to do this on TV- then i see absolutely no reason that this franchise couldnt be seen on the big silver screen in the next 5years.


Book one of the series

Book one of the series

Mouse Guard- this is the oddest entry on the list, and not just due to the content. But Mouse Guard is published by Archea publishing, who were recently brought by BOOM studios- so this would technically make the property available for Fox. Mouse Guard is another Eisner winning series that is as famous for its Bi-Monthly tales as it is its form- its a fully square format in a world of landscape comics. And that uniqueness leads itself well to the story- In the world of Mouse Guard, mice struggle to live safely and prosper amongst harsh conditions and a host of predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed: more than just soldiers, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one village to another. They see to their duty with fearless dedication so that they may not simply exist, but truly live.  Mouse Guard has the potential to be a brilliant animated series- to stay true to the original artwork, and could really bring in the viewers. The only concern would be if they tailored the content to be more child friendly- but when you look at the ‘Clone Wars’ series you really see ho well this can work and transcend age barriers so even adults watch the show. As a live action movie im not sure it would work- but as a live action series with the right special effects make-up team i know it could.


So those are my picks for where BOOM studios should go next- but whatever they do next, getting this deal will change the comic industries outlook on paying and looking after their creators.