Cinema Releases 25/7

This week is a quiet one for movie releases- but does feature one of the most recognizable cultural characters ever envisioned, so ill start there.

The Wolverine:

Now this is the sequel to the the 2009 X-Men origins: Wolverine, and once again stars Hugh Jackman taking on the almighty big boots of the Wolverine (Despite wolverine being short in comics)

The character of wolverine is truly a pop culture icon, and has so many good stories to choose from to make a movie, that its a shame how the first movie turned out as Deadpool was really horrifically butchered. However with the film they’ve chosen a total classic of a story line, deciding to go with Frank Millers 1982 story of Logan in Japan taking on the Hand (a clan of superior trained ninjas) and have thrown in the Silver Samurai too.  This all sounds so good, and Hugh Jackmans Dedication and love for the character mean that it should be a good movie- yet i still have my reservations.

ImageThe first of these is that despite the one sheets for this movie looking phenomenal and the marketing campaign doing a great job of really building buzz for the film, they went and released the longer trailer that featured the ‘Silver Samurai’ While this wouldn’t normally be an issue as many movies release images of the baddy prior to the film hitting the cinema release date- the real issue here is the treatment of the Silver Samurai.  I make no bones about being a huge comic book nerd- and that’s not the Silver Samurai i love and wanted to see.  He looks mechanical and huge- and i feel this could be a real wasted opportunity of a good bad guy- just like Deadpool was in 2009. The next big concern for me is that 20th Century Fox have once again chosen to venture into Wolverines past- and as theyve already done a fairly poor job of piecing together the timeline for this mutant im concerned the story here will merely muddy the water more.

However i am excited to see this (oddly) just to see another big screen outing for the mutant who is the best at what he does. And lets be honest what he does best is pop those claws and kill/destroy things.  So if Fox can keep this confusion free and give me some adamantium claw action it could be a good popcorn movie.


This isn’t necessarily on a nationwide release this week- but appears to be a solid documentary release for the week.  Produced by DogWoof pictures this is a look at the turmoil relationship between man and nature.  The official synopsis for the film is below

Using never-before-seen footage and interviews with trainers and experts, we delve into the psychological turmoil Orcas go through when they are captured in the wild and then held in captivity. The Killer Whale Tilikum has been responsible for the deaths of three trainers, including Dawn Brancheau at San Diego’s Sea World in 2010. This case was discredited as a horrific accident and a mistake of the trainer’s own doing and was thus covered up. Must we rethink our relationship with nature?

I know documentaries aren’t to everyone’s taste but in a slow week of releases this is definitely my second choice to go and see.

As an added bonus this week, here’s the new and first trailer for Keanu Reeves new movie47 Ronin