Short Thoughts 23Feb – 1st March 15


This weeks saw some great television and some amazing comic books get released, so here are my thoughts on what made the big screen and the world of comic books this week including the Agent Carter Series finale, and the latest issue of Scott Snyders terrifying Batman ‘Endgame’ run. Continue reading

Weekly Reccomendation: Gotham By Midnight


This weeks recommendation is a relatively new comic book that is currently only four issues into it run, but those four issues have been great fun to read and have some great visuals. Its rare I pick a new book to recommend but this one has definitely earned my respects for the way it delivers scary tales of the paranormal world in Gotham City, and there’s still time for you jump on at the beginning so let’s get going. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 26November 14


Comics, Comics, Comics is how my brain sounds at this time of the week as were less than 24hours away from the release of this weeks new books. And here’s what i think is worth checking out this week from the plethora of releases. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 3rd September’14


Well Wednesday has arrived and that means that its time for new comic books- so what should you be buying this week? Well im here to let you know what I think is going to be hot to read and own. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 6th August’14


Wednesday has always meant new comic book to me- atleast since the age of 10 and there is still no exception to this. So here’s what I think will be the best releases this week and why Continue reading