13th Doctor: Why the Controversy?


This weekend the BBC gave us the name and look of the 13th Doctor- and for some reason this seems to have caused a stir all over the internet, and not simply the positive one I was expecting. So with that being said lets look at what all this controversy is about and whether its really needed. Continue reading


Power Rangers goes Dark in new Video

Power Rangers MovieAdi Shankar has managed to fund and film a dark version of everyone’s favourite hero team from their youth (at least if you were born in the 80’s) and the video is well worth a watch. However if you havent seen it you need to see it soon as its being requested to be removed. You can see the video below Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Octonauts

recommendationYes this weeks recommendation is a really weird one for me- as it’s a children’s television show, but its one I’ve spent countless hours watching and re-watching in my household and have gained a surprisingly large amount of information from. This is a show that I honestly never thought id enjoy, my daughter loves everything Octonaut related, but i honestly thought it would be another case of watching something she likes in a semi bored state yet I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is one of the best children’s shows on television and im happy to let my daughter watch almost as much of it as she likes and here’s why. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Anansi Boys


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a novel from acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman, just on the cusp of this title being announced as in production for a television series produced by the BBC. Gaiman is famed for writing in depth fantasy novels that drawn heavily on mythology around gods and this title is now different- delivering a fully en-captivating tale around Anansi the Spider, but not as you’d expect. Continue reading

Dr Who Xmas teaser

The BBC hit a real home run yesterday with the Dr Who 50th Anniversary ‘The Day of the Doctor’ which was a true masterpiece of televisual story telling. They then followed that with a #Sherlocklives teaser for the new season of ‘Sherlock,’ well today they’ve done it again: Continue reading