Kids React to Avengers:Age of Ultron


Kids React is a wonderful series of videos that show children things for the first time and record their reactions to exactley what their seeing- and we all know with kids you get the brutal and sometimes hilarious truth. This particular video gives a great look at the latest Avengers Trailer Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Octonauts

recommendationYes this weeks recommendation is a really weird one for me- as it’s a children’s television show, but its one I’ve spent countless hours watching and re-watching in my household and have gained a surprisingly large amount of information from. This is a show that I honestly never thought id enjoy, my daughter loves everything Octonaut related, but i honestly thought it would be another case of watching something she likes in a semi bored state yet I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is one of the best children’s shows on television and im happy to let my daughter watch almost as much of it as she likes and here’s why. Continue reading