Comic Book Picks 5th April ’17


Wednesday is nearly here, and it will be the first one in my new home (Excited), but more importantly it means there’s a host of new comic books hitting the shelves very soon. And lets take a look at the top titles that you need to be considering this week. Continue reading

Cartoon Heroes from Hamish Steele



Hamish Steele delivers some very detailed but insanely cartoonish looking visuals every time he releases a new set of images, and these latest are no different. He has added his own take to pop culture heroes with great results. Continue reading

Apocalypse Casting Rumours

images (28)X-Men apocalypse isnt dure for release until 2016- however the villain was teased in the post credit scene of ‘Days of Future Past’ so its well know that he is arriving and is exceptionally powerful. However now the rumour mill has begun to swirl around who could possibly be cast as the big villain to face off against the X-Men. Continue reading

Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

With only two days to go until the launch of Batman Arkham Origins, its time for the launch trailer- and this one doesn’t disappoint, but it does spoiler the mystery of who was the last missing assassin. We already knew all but one of the assassins that will be hunting Batman down throughout the game, and the Launch trailer confirms the final assassin (see if you know who I mean, and let me know)

All I can say- is roll on Friday.