Weekly Recommendation: Black Science


Rick Remender has done some amazing comic books in his tenure as a writer, but one of my all time favourites despite it only being 12issues in has to Black Science. Remender has crafted a tale of multiple worlds and realities with such ease and precision that the concept of a team of explorers traveling through parallel worlds feels real and exciting, and he makes each issue a must read with a big moment that you didn’t see coming. Continue reading

Jason Mamoa Talks Aquaman

GTY_jason_momoa_sk_140616_16x9_992Jason Mamoa has long been rumoured to be playing Aquaman- and with the announcement of DC’s long term movie plan, this was officially confirmed and the actor has now broken his silence on the role. Continue reading

Batman Vs Superman movie news


There seems to be a host of new information hitting the internet almost daily about Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a lot of it has to do with the casting of new characters that will expand the universe (see my thoughts on that here) However there has been some substantial news that relates to characters we already know about, so let’s get it rolling. Continue reading

Has ‘Batman vs Superman’ found it’s Aquaman?

While it’s been rumoured for a while that both DC and Zack Snyder are keen on adding Aquaman to ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ nothing but rumour had been spreading. However that may have all changed.

Continue reading