X-Files revival show gets trailer


X-Files is due to hit the air in January of 2016 for its final 6part ‘mini event’ series that should end everything, and we finally got a two-part trailer that gives us our first look at the show. Continue reading

Smiling Showdowns- the greatest rivals made happy

Everyone knows some of pop cultures greatest rivals- Batman&Joker, SpiderMan&Dr Octopus, Ash@The Deadites and artist Scott C has made these somewhat cheerier. The watercolours give each image a great simple and childlike feel to intense characters while the added smiles really do get you smiling too. Continue reading

Science Fictions Top Robots

Here’s a panel that is massively influenced by @_so_she_says and my daughter, as I returned from home at the beginning of the week to find a giant robot made from recycled boxes and paper in my daughters arms. The pride on both their faces was evident, and with good reason, it was an impressive robot.
So I asked my daughter what it was called, and got told ‘Robot’ which was followed by ‘He’s better than Wall-e’ and that got me thinking- what robots are better than others?

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