Agents of SHIELD gets a mid season return trailer

Marvels-Agents-of-SHIELD-Season-2-Banner []

Agents of SHIELD had possibly the biggest mid-season finale of any of the comic book based shows on television last year, in terms of what the ending meant going forward. Now we get a teaser for the return this March and it promises dark times ahead. Continue reading

Thought Bubble: Marvel Masters the Movies

thought bubbleIt’s no secret that comic book movies are not stuff at the box office right now and have been for several years, but let’s look at this realistically there’s really only one studio producing all the major hits- Marvel. So why are Marvel leading the way, I mean DC had success recently too but nothing compared to their counterparts successful market share. So let’s see what there doing that’s keeping them on top over and over again.
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Guardians of the Galaxy: New Viral Advert


Guradians of the Galaxy is less than 1month away from arriving in cinemas all across the world, or maybe the galaxy and Marvel have decide to up the advertising campaign by including Viral sites and trailers now to keep people interested without giving away more of the movie than necessary. And the latest in these viral adverts is brilliant for multiple reasons, firstly it keeps the gorgeous space aesthetics of the movie in focus and secondly it references Marvel TV show ‘Agents of SHIELD.’ Yes you heard that right!

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